Do employees have to pay for shipping and handling when they order?

Absolutely not! Rewards are priced inclusive of shipping and handling so there are no surprises when an employee redeems a reward. They simply pay with points and the item will be shipped to their desired address. To make it even better, most reward and priced well below RRP, making their points redemptions spread further.

How long to orders take to be delivered?

Depending on the supplier, orders will be processed and distributed within 2-4weeks. This may vary during the Christmas period.

If I’m a little bit short of what I want to order can I make up the difference?

Dependant on the program set-up Xtend has the capabilities to allow users to top up their points to a certain value i.e $20 to ensure they are able to redeem a Reward they may be after even if they currently have just too little Reward Points in their bank to redeem.

Is there FBT on Reward Points?

You may be liable to pay fringe benefits tax (FBT) for Rewards Points that you give or provide an employee or user.

By creating your account with us, you accept liability for any FBT you incur as a result.  We do not provide tax advice or assistance and you represent to us that you have or will obtain the advice you need in relation to Australia’s taxation laws.