On our FAQs page, we answer the frequently asked questions about our reward and recognition program.

Click here to download our user guide for additional information on setting up your program.

Can I brand Xtend to look like my business?

Absolutely, on setup you can upload your business logo or program brand and choose a primary and secondary colour that will be used throughout the site.

You can also name your Reward Points anything you like in like with your business!

If you need help creating a program brand, contact us on hq@evtmarketing.com.au and we’ll support you in designing a brand.

Can I create a program structure with various levels and teams?

Your program structure can be set-up as you desire, Program Managers, Team Leaders, Teams, Users and so on…

What are Reward Points?

Reward Points are how you reward your participants.

The Reward Point value of a product of experience includes all costs associated with the reward itself and its successful delivery. Ensuring you can set your Reward budget and there are no hidden surprises.

Can I determine the points scale?

It’s your program, and this is entirely up to you. You can determine how much each point is worth and how many points are allocated and awarded, in addition to the frequency. The points scale can be updated at any time from the admin portal. The system will then calculate the points value of each reward automatically.

If you would like to chat about your program strategy or need help with determining the reward values you should be offering your employees please email hq@evtmarketing.com.au or call 1800 638 856.

Program Management

Click here to download our user guide for additional information on Program Management.

How do users get access?

Users will access the system with their work email address and a password they create, to ensure they remember it! Of course, if users forget their password we can help there too!

Can I create levels of approvals?

Various user levels can be created depending on your organisational structure, within your organisational and team structure you can then allocate management approval capabilities to share accessibility and viewability of certain functions to those required.

What emails do my program participants receive? 

When your program participants are enrolled in a program they will receive a verification/welcome email to the new and exciting system which you activate sending.

This will prompt them to verify their email address and set their password. They will then have the opportunity to populate their profile with further information, browse the Xtend system and the range of Rewards available.

How are system fees billed?

When you sign up for the program you enter your credit card details. Your credit card won’t be charged until you pass the trial period.

After your trial ends, your credit card will be billed for the first month of User Fees based on the current number of users currently set-up within your program. At the end of each subsequent month, your credit card will automatically be billed for any Users set-up during each month.

Can I distribute/allocate Reward Points?

The administration portal allows you to distribute points/budgets amongst your Team Leaders to distribute amongst users or assign Reward Points to users directly to redeem!

How are Reward Points billed?

You upload the Reward Points you want to award via your credit card.

You can do this in small amounts and award straight away, or in a large amount and distribute as people achieve through Program Manager in your Admin & Reports section.

Is there a minimum spend on employee Rewards?

Not at all! You can choose to run a program that is purely recognition based with no Rewards. We believe that employee recognition has a significant impact on its own. If you do decide to offer Rewards you can base your offering on your budget and your employees.

What happens if my business grows?

As your organisation and employees change and grow, you can update your program at any time to ensure that your recognition program grows and celebrates success with you!

What is an award?

An Award is the form of Recognition or Activity you are seeking to Reward.

What kind of Awards can I create?

For example, you can create an Award for ‘Employee of the Month’, ‘Team of the Quarter’, ‘Superstar of the week’, ‘Best salad recipe’, ‘Rising star’ and the list goes on… the Award options are endless. Don’t forget Awards do not always have to be tied to a dollar or Reward point value!

Do I have to allocate a Reward Point value to an Award?

Awards can have no Reward Point value attached – meaning you could link other rewards or none at all! The awards are entirely flexible!

Can I setup a nomination form?

Absolutely! Our site is so smart you can setup a nomination form that allows you to pick whether it’s for an individual or a team and who can nominate against it.

You can ask as many questions as you like and link these to your corporate value. Our advice is to keep it as quick as possible for your employees to complete!

Do employees have to pay for shipping and handling when they order?

Absolutely not! Rewards are priced inclusive of shipping and handling so there are no surprises when an employee redeems a reward. They simply pay with points and the item will be shipped to their desired address. To make it even better, most reward and priced well below RRP, making their points redemptions spread further.

How long to orders take to be delivered?

Depending on the supplier, orders will be processed and distributed within 2-4weeks. This may vary during the Christmas period.

If I’m a little bit short of what I want to order can I make up the difference?

Dependant on the program set-up Xtend has the capabilities to allow users to top up their points to a certain value i.e $20 to ensure they are able to redeem a Reward they may be after even if they currently have just too little Reward Points in their bank to redeem.

Is there FBT on Reward Points?

You may be liable to pay fringe benefits tax (FBT) for Rewards Points that you give or provide an employee or user.

By creating your account with us, you accept liability for any FBT you incur as a result.  We do not provide tax advice or assistance and you represent to us that you have or will obtain the advice you need in relation to Australia’s taxation laws.

How can I get in contact?

To get in contact with Xtend regarding a program please contact hq@evtmarketing.com.au

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