Employee Engagement

How to buck the trend with Xtend platform

Employees need to feel valued, and appreciated within the workplace.
When they can see their work is being recognised by those they work with, engagement improves.

Our Xtend platform is shaped to help you.

Your Program & Set Up

  • Simple to launch

  • Personalise your program name, look & feel

  • Easy import of users and teams

  • Personalise your program points

  • Run multiple programs under one

  • Post your program information / content

Program Management

  • Full admin rights

  • User Management 

  • Allocate Rewards Points

  • Budget controls  and management

  • Personalise your system emails

  • Post content in an activity feed for a team, program or organisation 

Recognition & Awards

  • Create award opportunities

  • Nomination submission forms

  • Peer to Peer ‘thank you’s’

  • Celebrate/reward birthdays & anniversaries

Reward Redemption & Fulfilment

  • Wide choice of Rewards and Experiences available

  • Reward redemption and fulfillment including delivery taken care of

  • Ability to top-up points

  • Wish list functionality & performance tracking

Our platform plans

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If you require support with branding, program structure and or setting up your program, please contact us at hq@evtmarketing.com.au

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