What is an award?

An Award is the form of Recognition or Activity you are seeking to Reward.

What kind of Awards can I create?

For example, you can create an Award for ‘Employee of the Month’, ‘Team of the Quarter’, ‘Superstar of the week’, ‘Best salad recipe’, ‘Rising star’ and the list goes on… the Award options are endless. Don’t forget Awards do not always have to be tied to a dollar or Reward point value!

Do I have to allocate a Reward Point value to an Award?

Awards can have no Reward Point value attached – meaning you could link other rewards or none at all! The awards are entirely flexible!

Can I setup a nomination form?

Absolutely! Our site is so smart you can setup a nomination form that allows you to pick whether it’s for an individual or a team and who can nominate against it.

You can ask as many questions as you like and link these to your corporate value. Our advice is to keep it as quick as possible for your employees to complete!