5 employee recognition ideas for your business

It’s so important to keep valuable employees. And, one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your employees happy is to recognise them. Here are 5 recognition ideas to reward the great things they do & keep them happy and motivated.

  1. Say thank you when employees do wonderful things

Saying thank you is easy and quick. It also extremely low cost and very effective. It can be as simple as a personalised note.

  1. Give praise publicly

It’s great to give praise one on one but something powerful happens when you also make this public. First it shows the person you’re giving praise to that you are genuine and so much so that you are prepared to tell their peers about it. It’s also a strong signal to all employees that this is the behaviour you’re looking for. So, it serves as a great example of how values are played out through behaviours.

  1. Allow flexibility

Sure, there are times of the week and month where you’ll need everyone to be in the office or workplace but if you can try and give a little flexibility. This can be done in many ways. It might be starting and finishing times. Stacking certain days and freeing up some shorter days in terms of the hours they work each day. It may mean working from home on certain days or for defined projects. The real point here is that you are showing your employees that you have their interests at heart and that you’re prepared to be flexible.

  1. Improve the way your employees feel

It’s funny, as people we always ask for things like extra pay or bonuses. However, these are often quickly forgotten. Sometimes it can be those things that make us feel better or more alive that we remember forever. So, look for incentives such as massages, day spas, hot air balloon rides and weekends away. Ask your employee to share their experience once they return to further extend the benefit of reward.

  1. Recognise team milestones

In every workplace there are milestones throughout the year. It can be end of month, delivery of a project or new product or anniversaries, the list goes on. These milestones provide a great opportunity to recognise your employees and the contributions they have made. It can be as simple as a pizza party. Remember to be creative and consistent.

If you would like to know more about how to recognise and reward your employees then let us show you how Xtend works.

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