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The 5 key steps to Employee Reward and Recognition Success!


  1. Create a brand!

You want something that resonates with your business, whether it’s internal slang or connected to the way you work, find that program name that you can refer to and link to every piece of communication. Soon you’ll find it’s part of the business vernacular.


  1. Be very clear about what people need to do and how to be recognised.

Structure and consistency are very important – outline the key ways you want people to interact with the program and what you want to get them to nominate against. A lot of companies rely on their business values to nominate against. These work great, but you need to think about what input you need to pick your Top Performer.

And don’t drop the ball, if you’ve said 2 people will be recognised per month, do it! You need to build trust in the consistency to make your program a success.


  1. Reward Well

 Find the right trigger in your business for your teams. Loud recognition, or points for rewards – ask your employees what they’ll get excited by and work with that.

We have always found Points for Rewards through our Xtend platform is a great tool, as people earn currency in points they can redeem it against something of their choice. It allows for them to strive towards something that will excite & drive them, that works for the stage of life they are at.


  1. Don’t just launch it and walk away.

All initiatives in a business need a hero to push it, whether it’s your HR team or an external agency like EVT Incentive Marketing, you must have someone whose key role is to drive the program and keep it fresh!

Shout the achievers from the rooftops, drive nominations with reminders, tell people how they are being rewarded. You can’t overshare in the world of recognition.


  1. Have some fun!

In the COVID-19 world we are in, when people are separated from each other, don’t miss the opportunity to use your program to create a sense of fun and connection.

Use your structured program and add to it- monthly competitions, opportunities to share, and everything in between works and drives your brand. It doesn’t have to be linked to recognition, but if you can run it through your program you build the equity built in your program brand and will get more traction within your program.


Now that you know the 5 key steps for a successful program, are you ready?


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