Open letter to business owners:
The need for recognition when WFH


As we all know, things have completely shifted lately and we are all learning to live our lives differently. This is not such an easy adjustment and some businesses are leading the change better than others. However, we all feel and are distanced from each other and as more time passes, if we don’t instigate activities to bridge the gap, bigger the gap will be. Adapting, pivoting, shifting… every business is doing their best to protect themselves and their employees. But have you thought about their need for recognition?

Happiness, appreciation and validation are undeniable in maintaining a healthy communication channel between management and employees. During these uncertain times, this can be put on the back seat to other pressing matters. The below fact will show you – now more than ever – management needs to also focus on recognising your employees.

69% of employees say that they would work harder if they were better appreciated.

You say what?!  Yes, indeed, you read well: 69%! There is a lot of room for improvement here, and this is what we know:

Why do we need to be recognised?

The importance of recognition in the workplace has a significant role to play in our everyday work life, and it’s not something to take lightly, especially in our current times. Recognising your peers or your employees is more than just a kind word shout out at the watercooler – it resonates through people. It is due to the release of dopamine that triggers pride, pleasure and increased feeling of self-esteem. Not only does it make us feel good but it also enhances our innovative thinking and creativity into problem-solving situations. It is proven that paying tribute to a positive behavior will affect the overall wellness of your company.

Employee recognition is not just a wellness social convention, it’s science!

Happy employees, happy business!

The effect of employee recognition has been deeply studied by various organisations. One study in particular, called the Carrot Principle – you see where I’m going here – shows that companies that uses recognition as a tool, also present higher productivity per employee – up to 37% (!), better employee engagement, a significant decrease of turn-over and better personal health.

This is a chain reaction of a positive experience that has a direct effect on motivation and also boosts morale. Furthermore, Managers who do implements are more likely to be respected and admired by their employees. It’s a win-win situation!

Globoforce Workforce Mood Trackers, September 2011 Report


This chart clearly states the need for recognition in the workplace, and the role it plays in the overall company health. Here comes another statistic: Companies that adhere to a successful recognition process is likely to decrease its turn-over by 23-31% . Clearly something to look at if your company struggles to keep its good employees!

A simple but transformative act!

Not only you will create a welcome, warm atmosphere to your workplace, you will naturally also progress in your core – this can’t be so simple: YES, IT IS!

There is more than one way to succeed in doing that and there is no magic recipe. There are, of course, basic activities that comes handy: saying thank-you, encourage progress on personal development opportunities, acknowledge publicly someone’s successful project, treat your staff on lunches or activities … However, online tool such as Xtend, helps create a virtual platform dedicated to recognise and reward people frequently and is maintained over time. It helps building-up a team spirit and a sense of affiliations.

Like a snowball effect, these actions lead you and your company into a virtuous circle that can only be beneficial to every party involved.

In these difficult times, it is more than ever important to realise not only the potential but also the important place of recognition in the workplace – whether it’s physical or virtual!

A little appreciation can go a long way!





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